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By The Numbers

Too many lives have been lost on Iowa roads

Empty porch swing on rural farmFatalities statistics are not just numbers. Each life lost is a father, mother, sister, brother or friend. Even one preventable death is too many. With your help and the help of all drivers and passengers throughout Iowa, we can eliminate the need to keep these statistics. But until then, these statistics shed light on the issue.

Investigations ongoing

Some crash investigations may not be complete until several months after the fatality occurred, so not all 2022 data sets will add up to 338 fatalities. Data will be updated as the information becomes available.

* Information on this page is current as of .

Fatality Statistics in Iowa

Fatality Statistics by Type (2023)

Fatality Statistics by Demographics (2023)

Fatality Statistics by Driving Condition (2023)

Fatality Statistics by Month (2023)

Fatality Statistics by Holiday Weekend (2023)